Why are Business Cards Important even till Today

exchanging business cards

In today’s technological advancement, some might wonder if business cards are becoming obsolete. People can simply message or email each other’s contacts quickly, especially through their phones. However, in the corporate world,  business cards are still important and relevant today. Here are the reasons why.

Exchanging Information

Essentially, business cards contain the important contact information to you can simply hand out to your clients and customers. They typically contain your name, company name, contact number email and website. It is a quick and easy way for someone to get each other’s details during your meeting with them.

Business cards are not only for people at a scheduled meetings but also for people at informal gatherings as well. For instance, you can meet other people whom you want to keep in contact with at seminars, bars, and other social gatherings. So, it is always good to have a business card at hand so you can easily exchange information with other people.

Creating Professional First Impressions

Business cards are not about just exchanging information but also the act of exchanging itself.

When you exchange or hand a business card to someone, you are making a professional impression to them as it shows that you are well-prepared for the meeting. Without a business card, you could end up needing to quickly record down contact details in front your client. Does not sound professional, right? Not only would it make you look sloppy, but it can make the client feel awkward during this brief moment thereby ruining your impression to them.

Take time to ensure that your etiquette is polite so that you can make a lasting impression to them. It greatly increases your chances of them contacting you again.

Builds up Identity of your Company

Business cards are also an excellent way to make an impression of your company and make it easy for others to remember. They have your company’s logo, motto and other taglines on the card which can be easily presented to your client or customers. In return, they roughly know what is company all about and would be easier for them to remember.

For bonus points, having a uniquely designed business card creates an even better impression for your clients. Instead of having the basic white business card with the logo, the clever incorporation of colour, shapes and fonts can impress your client even more and accurately tells them what your company identity is. It also shows that your company has creativity and is willing to put the extra effort to make a lasting impression to your client.

Business Card Culture in some Countries

Exchanging business cards is not a mere act in some countries; it is form a culture in the corporate world. They still have a major role to play in a formal meeting between clients. Some etiquettes can be sophisticated whereas some can be a bit more relaxed. If you are meeting a client in another country, it is best to prepare you cards and learn about their culture before the exchange so that you can make the best impression.

For instance, in Japan and China, they have fairly strict etiquette where if they are disregarded, it is a huge sign of disrespect. Business cards in these two countries must be presented with both hands and be given in a specific order according to the corporate hierarchy. Business cards need to be treated with respect and stored in a card holder and not simply into your pocket.

From the reasons mentioned above, you can see that business cards are still very important in the corporate world as it is not just for exchanging information, but to make a professional impression of you and your company. In fact, the exchange of business cards is a deep rooted cultural act that is still being carried out today. If you do not have a business card, perhaps it is time to create one for yourself.

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