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How To Get More Likes And Shares

What’s the Point of Having Good Content When No One Sees It?

Many marketing consultancies say that they will help you create compelling and unique content, post in regularly across all social media platforms. It will guarantee a ton of engagement and interaction from your audience. 

But you know what? It does not work all the time! 

That strategy has been applied multiple times to many different companies and industries and it is simply not a one size fits all solution 

At Green Atmosphere, we do not just put in our 100% in our content, but also put in 100% in promoting it! We will tailor a custom-made solution to your social media marketing needs so that you will more than just a handful of likes and shares.

We Will Grow and Nurture Your Brand

The key towards getting for getting a following on social media is to have a strong and reputable presence online. We will help you create the suitable social media accounts, all set up and optimised for you. Your accounts will also address the needs and wants of your target audience to get the maximum amount of satisfaction from them. 

Reputation is extremely important to social media and we understand fully how damaging bad reviews can be for you. It is out duty to protect and repair on your online reputation to give you and your audience a peace of mind. We will professionally manage all these interactions and ensure that your online presence will be favourable and likeable.

Our Complete Social Media Process

Diagnostics and Research
Before we begin drafting out the suitable social media marketing campaign for you, you will evaluate your social media presence and provide feedback. After that, we will research and plan what would be the best content, resource and social media solution for you. A plan that will help you stand out from your competitors.

Campaign Conception
Before running the social media marketing campaigns, we will set up analytic accounts so we can track and monitor the engagement levels and lead generation. We will identify networks that are important for your company and set up ad accounts as well. This is will allow us to identify your target audience and create the appropriate content catered to them.

Social Media Optimisation
Like how search engine optimisation is important, social media optimisation is also crucial in getting the maximum engagement from your audience. We will follow the best practices for social media using the optimal image sizes, posting times, frequencies and so forth. We will also test out ad samples and see which performs best as a paid ad and boost them accordingly.

After posting, it is not the end yet. We will monitor audience’s interaction with the posts like how many people shared the post or commented on it. We also will interact with the audience and followers and build your online reputation. Apart from posting original content, we will share trending news and updates in the industry to stay in the loop and the audience engaged.

Compiling Reports
Utilising Google Analytics and the insights from social media platform, we will create reports of the performance of the campaigns. We will focus on the metrics you think that are important, like impressions and reach to check brand awareness and conversion rates for selling. These reports are important as we can improve on the marketing campaign and meet your goals more effectively.

After compiling and going through the reports, we can make the necessary changes to improve on the campaign. It could be a reallocation of budget, changing the campaign settings or doing up certain content that appeals to the audience.

Advantages Of Our Strategy

Reach Out on the Right Platforms

Even though Facebook is one of the most prominent social media platforms, there are still more platforms out there that might be more suitable for your business. We examine the past and present data available about the various social media platforms and recommend you the best platform(s) for optimal engagement and lead generation.

Reach Out to the Right Audience

We will create and boost social media ads to reach out to your ideal audience group. These ads will be catered according the demographics of your target audience or those under your email lists.

Reach Out to Other Potential Customers

Even though impressions and visitors so not always convert, it does not mean they will never! We will tweak our ads and rerun them on social media to reach as many people as possible while keeping costs lower than the usual search ad.

Grow your Online and Offline Presence

We understand the importance of building your presence online and offline, from updating your contact details on your site to regularly posting on social media. Thus, it is important to present the correct information so that people can find you easily. We will ensure that information on your social platforms and business listings is accurate and easy to find.

Manage and Improve your Online Reputation

We cannot escape from bad reviews no matter how well you are running the show. And those bad reviews will stick out much more than the good ones. We will help manage and respond to all reviews professionally in every platform while presenting the best company image to your audience.

Direct Interaction with your Customers

Due to the nature of social media, people on these platforms expect their voices to be heard and responded to them quickly. However, we understand that responding to them 24/7 is tiring and time-consuming, unless you have the manpower to spare. We will do the interacting with your audience whenever appropriate to keep theme engaged.

Let Everyone know Who You are

People love seeing a human and genuine side of companies. We will help you share how your company started, the success stories, setbacks and behind-the-scene moments to your audience. This is will garner some interaction from them and make yourselves stand out.

Boosting Original Content

We will create extensive content marketing campaign for your social media accounts. We create original and informative content that people would want to see and boost it across social media to increase the size of your target audience. Such content includes articles, infographics, news and more.

Create Hype for You

If you have got an event, promotion or contest, we will create the hype for you. We will update posts about the event you have to maximise audience participation from all your social media networks. You will be rewarded with an excited audience that will subscribe to your updates and be loyal to you.

Get the Maximum Reach with Social Ads

To get an extra ‘boost’ to your reach, we will create targeted social media ads to specific groups of people.

Social media ads are powerful tool to reach out to the right people. Unlike the traditional method broadcasting your ad to people who might be not interested, these ads are based on your target audience demographics, gender, interests and more! This way, you will be reaching out to the right audience to right people and get higher conversion rates.

Based on the data from web analytics, we will tweak current ad campaigns to improve them or to reach out to a different target audience. Social media ads are a flexible and cost-effective way to propagate your message forward!


Everyone is on social media so it’s high time that you do too! Contact us to find out more about our campaigns!

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