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Programmatic Marketing Techniques

Combining Automation and technology to create the perfect campaign

programmatic marketing techniques

How We Define Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic marketing is a type of marketing that uses software and technology to deliver ads and content to the right people AUTOMATICALLY. It allows us to see at a glance what would be the most suitable strategy and allows us to make the necessary changes at a click of a button.

We incorporate programmatic marketing in all our strategies to get the best results for you. To complement this form of marketing, we use a variety of tools to monitor campaigns and projects accordingly, different tools dedicated to different types of content.

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How we incorporate programmatic marketing into our strategies

Paid Ad Marketing

Paid ads marketing cannot exist without programmatic strategies! Firstly, we use tools that determine the best keywords that can be used for each campaign, the estimated costs and projected results we can get.

Not only helping us plan, these tools and softwares deliver the ads to the right people instantly. It does the bidding for us and show the ads automatically! It tells us the exact number of people the ads have reached people, the number of link clicks and more. Again, this tells us what is the next step forward for you!

Reaching out to your target audience? Programmatic marketing comes into action! It helps you to target to the people you want AND generate lookalike audiences to increase to reach 10 fold!

We also carry out A/B split testing and gather data accordingly. This is a programmatic marketing technique too as it collects the data and help us to compare easily.

Content and Video Marketing

We collect data first to show us what kind of content is the more receptive amongst people. By understanding what the people like we can create the right of content that garners engagement and drive traffic to your website! Such data we collect is the number of views, reactions, comments. Even in videos, we can get data on the timings where people stopped watching and even whether they watch them with sound!

From the data collected, we incorporate programmatic marketing to reach our to your audience. It automatically finds out which groups of people are receptive to the content and targets them again. Again, it also targets lookalike audiences to reach out to more people too.

Social Media Marketing

Similar to content marketing, our programmatic strategies will find out the people who are receptive to your posts and targets them similar posts. We will use analytics to see which posts are doing well and create more of them. The programmatic softwares will do the work for us again!


Automation makes remarketing seamless and more effective! We will do the analysis, formulate new strategies and set the programs to automatically retarget those have dropped out halfway.

programmatic marketing techniques

Advantages of Our Strategy


Programmatic marketing makes advertising easier. It automatically bids for your ad, reach out to your target audience at a click of a button. With automation, it frees up more time for us to focus on other tasks

Fast and Accurate

Programmatic marketing gives us fast and accurate results in real-time! You do not have to wait a couple of days just to see the results nor do you have to make guesses. This marketing technique will guarantee results at most by the end of the day.

Reach Out to Much More People

The beauty of programmatic marketing is that it not only targets your circle of audience, but also expands out to target lookalike audiences and those with similar interests. It can target those who like your page, the friends of people who liked the page and further to people who have similar traits to friends! It can go right down to the different browsers used, IP addresses and more. Amazing, right?

Deliver not Only Results, but Analytics as well

Not only does programmatic marketing automatically send out the ad and get instant results, it has analytic tools built into them. These tools are crucial in breaking down that raw data and presenting in a more easy-to-understand way. As mentioned earlier, these tools will be used to determined the right step forward in the next strategy.

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