Planning for your Mobile App

You have a great idea for a mobile application and you want to make it big! You want it to go viral and earn a lot of revenue from it. However, you should not jump straight into making your app without having a proper plan as if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. But, we understand that the planning process can be intimidating with lots of things to consider. Here is our guide to planning your mobile application. It can be simple and fun to do!

Defining your App

You need to know perfectly well what is your app is about and what the expectations you have for it. Is it a game or a lifestyle app? Or something to increase efficiency? You do not need a concrete plan at this point but you should be able to tell how would you want your app to be like, what are the aims you want to achieve and how does it help people. To start, you can write out your ideas and go straight to the point. Avoid using fluffy language in your definition so that you can stay on track.

Identifying your Target Audience

Next thing you need to know who your audience is. Who exactly is this app for and how will this app help your audience? How will it keep them entertained or make their lives better? You could engage your target audience through online surveys and questionnaires to understand their needs better. That way, you can build an app that addresses their concerns directly. You can also engage a marketing consultant and find out how you can effectively market your app to your audience.

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Knowing your Competition in the Market

As important as understanding who is target audience, you also need to know who are your competitors and what they are doing. Do your research and find out what other apps are out there. What do they want to achieve with their app? Know what are the features they offer, reviews and possible glitches and problems they have. Observe their user interfaces, screenshots and how they are marketing their app. How different is their free version versus their paid version of the app. Use all these observations and feedback to create an app that stands out from your competitors and provides better user experience to your audience.

Planning as a Team

After you have done your market research, it is time to plan as a team. Start thinking about budgeting, resources and how you would earn money from your app. As such, you would need a team of people of different roles, ranging from designer, mobile app developers and marketers. Understandably, they will be changes to your initial app idea so it is good to brainstorm with your team to see how to incorporate the important changes seamlessly. Having a diverse team is also good as you can gain various perspectives and point out any loopholes in your app.


At this point, you should have a more solid idea to what your app would look like. Now, it is time to put those ideas into a storyboard. The storyboard will show how your app will look like and how each feature would work, slide by slide. This is help you visualise very clearly how your app will look like in the future and you can easily see what needs to be improved. While you do up each slide, you need to be precise in your designs and include in other details like budget, development process and feasibility. Once everyone is satisfied with the complete plan, you are ready to start programming and designing the app!

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