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Pay Per Click for Lead Generation

What is Pay Per Click?

We make ads and we will make them good! From the time of conception, campaign strategy to publishing, we will ensure that you will get more brand awareness and customer conversion from our ads 

The main two types of paid search are for lead generation and for ecommerce. They are very different from each other and our team exhibits competency in both the areas. We provide a range of services for your ecommerce need such as banner ads, PLAs and customized feed for your products.

PPC ads have a number of benefits for your ecommerce business. They help in increasing your revenue by driving noteworthy amounts of traffic to your site.

Strategic Options​

With Search, Shopping, Display and Remarketing ads available, there are a variety of solutions to deliver the right message for your business.

Specified Reach​

Whether you're a small, local shop or a global brand, targeting options allow you to choose exactly where your advertisements will be seen.​

Controlled Budget

With Google AdWords, you get to choose your daily budget and are able to increase or decrease budget as needed.​

Pay-per-Click Campaigns Strategy

If you are new to the PPC marketing process, our team will help you build your reputation by running PPC campaigns either on new sites or already existing sites and boost your sales. Not only will we carefully research on the keywords that best suit your brand and product but also help in sorting the most relevant keywords worth bidding on. Our team will also track the performance of the keywords in order to continuously improve the ROI. 

We are 100% committed to walk you through all aspects of the PPC marketing process. Apart from the basic content based PPC ads, this includes creation of strategical ads during the height of your business by providing captivating deals and promotions to attract potentially new customers.

We also do form creation and A/B testing.

We use the negative keyword research method to drive relevant leads to your website. By optimizing your forms and landing pages, we can attract greater number of leads and significantly bring down the cost per click (CPC).

When costs are involved, it is definitely not affordable to have unqualified leads clicking on your ads. We help you run ads that target the right audience at the right moment on the web and turn them into customers willing to purchase what you offer. The best way to do this is performing in-depth keyword research, track what’s working and what’s not, reaching out to particular web users looking for products most relevant to your business.

In addition to ad campaigns, landing pages, contact forms and high-value grated content such as whitepapers, guides and infographics are important elements to consider when generating leads. We will also create these for you to help increase the conversion rate of visitors to your page.

Company Strengths at a glance

A Careful Blend of Creativity and Science

Pay-per-click advertising allows you to purchase top positions for relevant keywords on search engines and their partner websites. With varying PPC ad formats you can reach your target audience in numerous ways. Our PPC management services allow you to utilize a full suite of paid advertising formats that deliver instant traffic to your site.

How we do our Pay-per-Click Campaigns

Before we start any work, our team takes the time to get to know you and your business. Learning more about your audience, business model, and goals will allow us to develop a completely customized Pay Per Click Campaign strategy.

We begin by assessing your earlier and current advertising initiatives along with the current competition, to create campaigns with the most potential to meet your business goals. We acclimate ourselves with your business objectives and clients so we can focus on the correct audience at the ideal time—and covert clicks to customers.

We offer a full range creation of ad campaign that includes in-depth keyword research, ad copy and building landing pages. We also help you get to many more audience with ad extension, geo-targeting and remarketing to past interested customers.

We will track your PPC campaigns and tweak them along the way to ensure that they get the best results. We will test landing pages across various devices so that your audience can reach you quickly.

Constantly tracking the PPC efforts will help you estimate a budget for marketing, indicate the successful strategies and explore different ad channels based on the performance of your earlier ads. This will help you increase the quality score and reduce costs of conversions overall leading to a greater ROI.

We have special, customisable plans for e-commerce platforms as we focus on sales and click-through rates. We will perform diagnostics and polish up your shop! We will carry out retargeting and reduce bounce rates.

Advantages of Our Strategy

Creative Strategies

Usually people only consider Google AdWords when running PPC. At Green Atmosphere, we tap all possible channels to run the ads. This will help reach a greater population of the target audience, maximizing your return.

Analytics and Reports

Analysis and reporting are an essential part of marketing. This helps you understand the needs of your customers and can direct you to what they like and what they don’t. All our packages and services include troubleshooting and debugging analytics.

Customised Strategies just for You

We are committed to create customised strategies to meet your particular goals. Our aim is to provide a complete service rather than looking out for our convenience of job.

Quality Scores at Lower Costs

Quality scores tracking helps in keeping an eye on the quality score using our tools. Tracking the score will exhibit the trends of a low or high score and help us understand the health of the your account with time. We also constantly help you test and refine your ad copy and landing pages. This will achieve higher quality scores and cut costs for digital advertising.

Full-Circle Reports

We track all your conversions and tie it to your CRM system. This will help you track the revenue in accordance with the conversions. This also allows you to track which ads contribute in a greater way to the conversions.

Improving and Retargeting

At Green Atmosphere, not only do we run PPC campaigns for you, but we keep a continuous track of the results and use the data to test, modify and adapt your ads, content and landing pages. We will also suggest remarketing previous customers who may have shown interest in the past using behavioral analytics and market trends to convert them to your clients.

Writing the Ads

We help you create customized AdWords that contributes to the automation of bidding. This lets you fasten up the process and save money. We also develop customized reporting for you to have a better understanding of the performance of your ads.


We analyze the budget trends over the years and the performance of your ads to give you an insight of your budget on ads required to reach your goals.

Extensive Research

With the help of our research initiatives and beta programs, we will create one of a kind campaign strategies for you giving you the edge to lead in the industry.

Pay-per-click campaigns are a great way to increase your sales and click-through rate of your website! Do not hesitate to contact us!

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