Marketing Techniques that still Matter Today

With the rise of digital marketing, it would seem that there is no room for the traditional marketing methods. Everything can be done online by any company regardless of the size or revenue earned. However, many marketing consultants, including us, agree that traditional marketing is still very useful to reaching out to your audience. Read on to find out more about the traditional marketing techniques that are are still relevant today!

Print Media

Even though many people are on their phones reading the latest news, there are still a group of people read the newspapers and magazines. There could multiple reasons why: they read it out of habit or it is easier on the eyes. With print media marketing, a company’s message is spread through ads on the newspapers and magazines. They are comprised of images and taglines, while some are about events and offers happening around. Some ads today include QR codes or websites where the people can check out more information if they are interested.

The way print media marketing works is simple; when people read the newspaper or magazines, they will see the ad, especially if the ad is noticeable and interesting. If it successfully captures their attention, they will remember the company and would want to find out more.

Print media ads vary depending on the colour, size and on which page the ad is located. They can be as a small as a matchbox or take up the full sized page of a newspaper. Typically the bigger the ad, the most expensive it going to be. Bigger companies and organisations usually can afford this kind of advertising as it can cost a lot.

Television and Radio Advertising

Again, even though many people are on the internet, there are still many others who watch the television and tune in to the radio. Television and radio are good ways to get a company’s message across in a more interactive way. Companies have more flexibility to show how they want to portray their products and messages in a creative way to a wider audience. It can be in the form of dramatisation, songs or simply showing how the product works. Now, these ads can also be shown in Youtube show companies that make these ads can engage their audience offline and online.

Since ads in these nature are more interactive, it can capture the attention of the audience much quicker as compared to print media. Depending on the medium, duration and the timing of the ad, the cost can vary. Furthermore, there are also additional costs in the production of the ad such the actors, videography, and post production editing.

Signages and Billboards

The signs you see along the streets, taxis and buses and the larger-than-life billboards you see in the city are a form of marketing that everyone would have seen. And they are still going strong; you still see them everywhere today. Typically, signages mainly comprise of images and a short tagline. Depending on place, the type of ads would be different. For instance, fashion ad signs are usually shown in the shopping district while ads about stocks and trading are displayed in the business district.

Though these elements may seem too little, a picture speaks a thousand words; people are drawn to these advertisements and will take note of them. Companies pay a lot of money to get their message to be designed and displayed onto these platforms.

Direct mail

Direct mail refers to the advertisements and pamphlets you receive in your mailbox. And now, they are not the simple spam mail that you immediately throw away (or recycle). With more sophisticated and eye-catchy designs, people are bringing home these advertisements to have a second look.

Direct mail can be as simple as a pamphlet with a message, catalogues, or coupons to a company’s product. Or they can go one step further to mail out samples of their products and allow people to get a feel of them at the comfort of their own homes. It would cost quite a bit to print out your resources and companies need to get hold of their target audience mailing list in order to carry out this form marketing. But the effects would be lasting as the audience would be interested in the company and want to find out more.

Flyers and brochures

When walking along a street to work, school, or to go out, you would have encountered one or two people giving out flyers to everyone. These flyers usually advertise about a company, product, service or offers and contain basic information location and contact details. For instance, flyers can be used to inform people of the opening of a restaurant at a mall, or a discount code first times buyer at an e-shop. Newer flyers have QR codes where if people are interested they can scan for more information.

Like direct mail, they have to be eye-catchy and not too wordy so as to capture the audience attention immediately. They are the fastest way to get a message across to their audience as the audience simply needs to receive the flyer and read it.

While there is some cost involved to get the flyers designed, printed and distributed, it is a viable form of marketing for small businesses as that is all they would have to do. They do not have to spend as much money to put their message on signages or on TV.

Face to face Sales

In light of people wanting to avoid interaction with others, face to face marketing is still relevant today as it is very impressionable. Companies employ brand representatives to go out and interact with their potential customers and advertise their products. Through communication, the representatives can convince their customers to buy the products.

The old tactic of jumping straight into selling the product will put off today’s customers. Instead, brand representatives need to build rapport with them. They need to show that they understand their customers needs and want to help them to make an informed choice. Brand representatives can offer samples and demonstrations to better illustrate their selling points. For example, an oven brand can show how to use the oven and bake something it while a cosmetic brand can offer samples of a product to everyone. As a result, customers are better convinced about the product and would be more inclined to buy and, ideally, become loyal to the brand.

Final Thoughts

The world is changing and the are new ways to market a product and service. It does not mean that we throw away the old ways. Instead we should combine the old and new for a more holistic approach.

A final word from our marketing consultant: it does not matter what is method, campaign, or target audience as long the products and services companies are providing are meaningful to the consumer. It should be something of value to the consumer; something that they can take away or improve their lives with. That is is the key to a successful marketing campaign!

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