Four Types of Visuals for Content Marketing

Having some visuals in your content is important so that you can grab your audience attention and convey your message to them faster; people are able to process visuals more than 60000 times faster than a written article. Simply, having a stock image in your content can make a difference to your audience. However, to get the maximum attention from your audience, here are four types of content you can include in your content marketing strategies!


Infographics are a great way to deliver content that is easily digestible to your audience. It contains a lot of visual aspects like colors, logos, and pictures to engage the audience and the content. And since the content on the infographic is typically shorter, it makes it much easier for your audience to read. They can get all the information all within the glance of an infographic. Plus, infographics make you look more professional!

There are many websites out there where you can create your own infographics. Such websites include Canva and Vengage. They offer templates, logos and color schemes where you can easily design your own infographic


Videos are another great way to convey your message in an engaging and informative way. There are more dynamic containing audio and visual elements together. Videos can be made in any way you need them, like an informative short video, advertorials or reviews. Moreover, having a video made for your company or brand, it would show that your company is well-established and you got the skills or manpower to create such media.

However, typically audience attention span is getting shorter today. This means videos have to be made shorter and straight to the point. On the plus side, it could be easier to create a shorter video but it might be hard to squeeze all the information into a couple of minutes video.

Typically, Apple iMacs and MacBooks have video editing software called Final Cut Pro which can make beautiful videos. There are plenty of other video maker sites online; one example is Biteable Video Maker

Image Slider

If videos are difficult to create, you can opt for an image slide show. Though it may not be a popular method, an image slide show contains relevant images and captions pertaining to the message, almost like a video. The images can be placed into a slider onto your web page where your audience can click to see to the full sequence. Not only can it portray your message in much fewer words, but it makes the page neater as all the images are within the slider and not all over the web page.

It is easy to create your own image slideshow on your web page! If you are using a WordPress website, you can insert an image carousel widget or block onto your page. All you have to do is to pick the images you need, put in the captions and upload them onto your page. Another way is to go through Image Slide Maker where it is fully customizable; you just need to paste the HTML code of you slider onto your web page.


If you think memes are a waste of time, think again! Memes make people, especially the young, laugh and they have the potential to go viral. They do the same thing as an article would do: they engage the audience and convey the message instantly to them. It is amazing on how a picture with just a few words on them can convey their whole message to your audience. It may not be the most professional way to reach out to your audience, but if your brand or company allows it, and you want to reach out to the young people, memes are the way to go.

There is no specific software to use when creating memes; you can simply do it in Paint even. However, the tricky part of creating the correct meme. The young people are your toughest critics; if you create a dull, out-of-date, incorrect meme, they will not be impressed. Do your research and keep up with the meme trends so that you can create memes that will not only make people laugh, but also get shared with other people!

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