Four Easy Ways to Do SEO

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Everyone is talking about search engine optimisation and how it beneficial for your website and your marketing. It is indeed, and you can take easy steps towards optimising your website to reach number one! Here are some easy tips you can do for your website that will improve your site visibility!

On WordPress Websites, Use a SEO plugin.

SEO plugins make it much easier to create an SEO title, meta description and ensure that your target keywords are inside the page or post. SEO titles are titles of your pages that will be displayed on the search engine list. Meta descriptions are those little snippets below the website. Having these components properly done will show the reader exactly what web page is about and makes it easier for it to be discovered. Even the free versions of SEO plugins are good enough to get your started in optimising your website. Two examples of such are Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO plugins

Research your Target Keywords

If you want to reach out to a particular audience, you would need a list of keywords that people search for on the search engines. These keywords give you a hint on what people are interested in and how you could model your marketing for them. There no right or wrong keyword to use for your marketing: short-tailed keywords have highly searched but highly competitive but long-tailed keywords have low searches but will lead you to the right audience.

The easiest way is to type a word on the search engine query bar and see what the suggestions are saying. These suggestions show what the people are literally searching; you can use these keywords to target. At the bottom of the search engine page also show suggestions which you can add to your keyword list.

For a more comprehensive way to search for keywords, you can use keyword planners. In keyword planners, you can type in the keyword you have in mind and it would show how many people are searching for it and other suggestions as well. Some examples are the Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, or Keywords Everywhere.

Get your keywords and start incorporating them in the content of your pages. They should appear at least once but do not put them in too many times as search engines will mark you as spamming keywords.

Naming your File Titles

Not only will search engine read your content, they will also read your file titles. Ensure that all your images and other files are properly entitled and not just a random string of numbers or alphabets. Instead, name them accordingly for their purpose, proper names or with the company name and keyword. It will look much neater and that users and search engines can understand it. Use hyphens to separate the words so that it is easier to recognise.

Also, make use of alternate titles (alt. title) for your files, especially for images. These titles show up when the files fail to load properly on web browser so they the users know what the purpose of the image is. Also, it is good spot to put in your target keywords.

Have Internal Links in your Content

Internal links and backlinks are essential for SEO as search engines will take into account the number of links in your website. In the content on your pages, you should include internal links to other pages on your website (the links should be related to the content). This will also help direct users to other related pages of your site that are beneficial to them. You can also include links to other reputable websites in your pages as you would be directing your users to other reliable sources of information. And if other websites can link back to your website, that would be ideal. Search engines will take into account the number of links; the more links, the better optimised your website would be.

These are some easy ways to do SEO on your website! The best of all, these steps are free; you just need to spend a bit of time to do each step. However, if you are pressed for time, you can engage our digital marketing services! Contact us now for more enquiries!

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