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Email Marketing

Email marketing is not spam emailing; if done right, it will bring great ROI at minimal costs! At Green Atmosphere, we have customisable strategies based on data and trends so that you can have a successful campaign.

Our talented Google Analytics-certified team are able to monitor the advanced metrics from email marketing like:

  • Open and Click-Through Rate
  • Time Spent on Landing Page and Bounce Rate
  • Type of Device where Email and Landing Page was Accessed
  • Performance and Conversion Rates

These metrics and more are important in showing how successful are the email marketing campaigns and what can be done to improve on them. For instance, if the bounce rate is high, we will find a way to make the emails and landing pages more compelling for the audience. We will optimise your emails, from creating eye-catchy subject lines and fast-loading images to sending them at timings where people are most likely to check their emails. These best practices ensure that your audience will get lasting impressions from our emails.

Email Marketing Can Be Very Effective Marketing

Emails are a distinct combination of graphics and writing distilled into a portable, easy-to-digest package. Our email marketing services deliver personalized emails written to urge your customers to take action.

Compelling Emails That Work for You!

Attention Grabbing Promotions 

Email marketing is a great opportunity to market other products and services to your customers! We craft out appealing emails that promotes related products and services to those who genuinely interested to do business with you. 

Sort Out your Email List 

You would not want to email people who are truly not interested in your company as it will increase the risk of you emails to be marked as spam. We will sieve out the unnecessary and non-working email addresses so that you will have a higher delivery and click-through rate with lower risks of penalties.

Advantages of Our Email Marketing Campaigns​

The Right Emails at the Right Time

We cannot stress that enough as this would guarantee the highly levels of engagement and conversion rates. Sending your target audience emails about the latest trending items or great deals at the right time will capture their attention and spur them to take action. The best of all is that our emails are automated so that you do not have to fret over the timing and manpower.

Research and Testing

Our emails are crafted based on what actually works instead of instinct. We research what influences a good email and apply them accordingly to your needs. We test our emails out to ensure they are not substandard

Provide List Segmentation

List segmentation is a simple but effective process that breaks up your email list according to high to low priority target audience. Our methods ensure that those who have similar interests to your company will get the message first.

Create Functional and Compelling Landing Pages

After crafting out an email for your customer and they click on the call-to-action, what is the next step? They need to taken to a clear and accessible landing page so that they can take action! We create dedicated and unique landing pages for each email marketing campaign so that it is much easier to for your target audience to convert to loyal customers.

Google Analytics and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

These two powerful tools are crucial is monitoring how people are responding to the email marketing campaign. We will use these tools to track to the number of people clicking through and reaching the landing pages and keep tabs of potential customers. With the data we will gather, we can tweak the campaign further.

Build Rapport with your Customers

The last thing you want is for your customers to get annoyed and unsubscribe to your emails. Therefore, we take customer engagement seriously so that we can build rapport and loyalty with them. We will craft out our emails in a professional and friendly manner (according to your style) and manage communications and reviews with them.

Provide Interactive Designs for Emails

We ensure that the emails that your audience receives are formatted and loads up quickly on any device. Our attractive designs will get people to read and click through the email!

Transparency and Reports

We will keep you updated with all the process, facts and metrics from our campaigns so that you will not be kept in the dark.

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