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Four Easy Ways to Do SEO

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Everyone is talking about search engine optimisation and how it beneficial for your website and your marketing. It is indeed, and you can take easy steps towards optimising your website to reach number one! Here are some easy tips you can do for your website that will improve your site visibility! On WordPress Websites, Use […]

Three Main Types of Web Developers

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To build a fully functional website, you would need different types of web developers for different functions. There are mainly three types of web developers that you can engage depending on your needs. We explain more about these types below! Front-End Developers Also known as client-side developers, front-end developers put in their coding know-how to […]

Why Businesses Should Go Green

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Businesses should go green because, not only does it save the environment, but it has great benefits for sales, cost management and employee welfare. We tell you five main benefits your business will get when you go green now! Legal and Tax advantages Many countries all over the world have regulations to monitor global warming […]