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Imagine This

When you walk between buildings, all you breathe is polluted air while in the summer, it feels like you are being in a 240-degree oven and there is no way out. With the temperature increasing, plants are drying out and insects that fertilise our plants are disappearing. Our species are going to be extinct; nature, with all its splendour and diversity, is fading away.

That Does Not Look Good Right?

The Earth is our home; we do not understand why people would destroy it. Would you burn things in your own home? Or litter inside your house? We figured most of us will not and would want to do the part to save our planet. However, going eco-friendly is too inconvenient and expensive. Thus, we founded Green Atmosphere Pte.Ltd. in 2013. We aim to find green solutions and alternatives as there is always a better way to manage it all! We are committed to our mission to help everyone make the positive change.

We are Green Atmosphere

We think differently than others, we believe that technology is the future of doing business in an eco-friendly way. By using technology, it will not only help to grow your productivity for your team, but also an efficient and environmentally friendly way to do business!

How do we do that?

Digital Marketing Consultant

According to GlobalWeblndex, people spend around 6 hours per day in average using the internet via a digital device. With digital marketing, you can reach out to these potential customers where they spend most of their time and money online. It is also more targeted, easily scalable and adaptable; we can test different strategies according to feedback and tweak our plans to offer you the best ROI! You do not need to print a single paper or roll up banners for all of it.

Mobile Application Development

Without printing any paper, mobile applications can provide much more to your audience. And since many people are now on their smart phones, it is your window of opportunity to reach out to them! We will help you create the perfect mobile app that showcases your products, services and be fully interactive, all within a personal device! We will also create a back-end system to increase efficiency with your staff or your client. By applying technology in your business, it will not only help to scale up your business, but also to be eco-friendly.​

Website Development

We will build your website from scratch; in the way you imagine it to be. We believe that having a beautifully designed and functional website is like having the best brochure to your brand. It has all the information for the people and can be updated with new content and more! The best part is that you do not have to print a single piece of paper nor harm the environment.

Our Website is your one-stop-shop for digital marketing, mobile application, website building and consultant for sustainable business models. We are here to share with you everything about our services and values; we provide detailed explanation of each of our services in this website, and also offer additional trending content in our Insights. No matter who you are, where you are running a start-up or a multibillion company, there is always something to learn from us!

We Explore with you:

New Approaches – To create a more humane approach that touches the hearts of your customers.

New Visions – To discover meaningful and trendy visions that will lead to new marketing opportunities.

New Heights – To reach new heights together where we continue refining our strategies according to the results.

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