3 Reasons Why You Should Learn Coding

More people are encouraging everyone, whether you are a scientist or an artist, to learning some form of coding. And indeed, there is some benefit. We explore the three main reasons why everyone should learn coding!

Independence in Managing your Website

You would know how exactly your website works as you would be familiar with the coding used in the website. You would be able to manipulate it fairly well. With coding, you would know what creates the animations of certain buttons, how to move components around and how to optimise your website. You do not need to know as much as a front or back-end web developer; having the basic knowledge is enough for you to understand how your website works.

Career flexibility

Learning the basic coding will be a great addition to your repertoire of skills. Since now, a lot of jobs in the market are hybrid in nature; meaning that they require multiple skills from different industries. Coding know-how is much sought after as many jobs now require basic web and mobile development. For instance, there is a job for digital marketing, it would be ideal to have some basic coding knowledge as you would be able to create landing pages and manipulate them easily. You would be of higher value as compared to those who only have one skill.

If you go in depth into coding, not only are you making yourself more employable, but also you would have the potential to be a full fledged freelancer or even start your own business. Let’s say, you have marketing and coding skills, you would be able to market a product or service or go into digital marketing. Or if you got design experience and coding skills, you would be able to become a freelancer web designer.

Develops soft skills

Apart from the technical skills you can learn from coding, there are also soft skills you can pick up too. Learning and applying your knowledge of coding can develop problem solving skills and thinking in different perspectives. For instance, when developing your website and something does not work the way you intend, you can troubleshoot and think of different ways to make it work. These soft skills can be applied to other aspects in life when you are faced with unexpected challenges

When working together with a team or client, knowing how to code will indirectly teach you communication, teamwork and client management. When working with other people, you need to talk about your ideas and implementation. You would need to know what works better for your team and client. With all these interactions, it will build up your communication and interpersonal skills with the people around you.

Learning how to code brings a lot of benefits to your career, hard and soft skills. Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

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